The Reward

IOTA’s custom interface will show you the hosted Bitcoin Core activity. It will display the status of the node and activity surrounding it : blockchain size, connected pairs, total bitcoins mined, total number of bit coin nodes, and more…

The user can check the balance of his bitcoin wallet (even if it’s a mobile wallet) and by the way see the history log of all rewards received on it.

The goal of the node is to be online 24/7 and thus can relay transactions in its perimeter. It can stay always on because its power consumption is reduced below 30W. IOTA still acts as a relay during media player sessions and do not affect in any way your experience with Kodi.

IOTA will not mess with your internet bandwidth or your DslTV broadcast because you can set a limit in the usage of your your connection. By default, IOTA will only use 100kbits/sec IN and OUT (10% of an average dsl line OUT) ~1Mbits/sec).

Thus, the user letting IOTA switched on will be rewarded as a Bitcoin miner owning around 150GH/s mining power. A miner with this computing speed will get rewarded around 1 bitcoin every 36 months, knowing the payments are on daily basis : 0,0001BTC or 10000 Satoshi per day. One Satoshi is the tiniest fraction of a Bitcoin (0,00000001BTC).

Today (2015/04/15) one bitcoin can be bought around 220$, its value went from $00 in 2009 to over $1000 in november 2013.

What will 1 bitcoin earned with IOTA cost in 3 years ?

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